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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post

Would you and X respond as to why you say that? I've had boats idle for several minutes up to an hour or so many many times without an issue. Perhaps to provide power for something or just waiting to depart. What is the problem?
Well I'm neither of them. But I'll throw my self into the topic anyhow.
The main reason for not letting a recently started (cold) engine idle too much, is that it requires a lot of extra time for it to reach proper working temperature. During that prolonged period of running below working temperature, it's prone to extra wear and tear.
So normally - at least in theory - the life of an engine is shortened when used/treated this way.
With diesels there is also some risk och cylinder glazing if they work unloaded over extended periods of time. However, I guess glazing sensitivity differs between various engines (makes, models).

Idling (for charging batteries or other purposes) after proper warm up is not as harmful.
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