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Got the ply screwed down, will seal it to surrounding structure later.
I painted the edges with primer.

Gluing on this inner piece of mahogany to the cabin side. A piece of SS trim goes on top later. Been a long time since this was here.

Showing how they placed these ply sheets. Next job will be to work on this replacing the plywood under these rear covering boards, the ply curves, the back top surface is not flat.

Laying in some glue with sawdust to both seal and create the correct fit as this ply support piece was 1/4 inch too low from OEM.

I ran some long screws in here. Then cut the heads and used these to help ensure where these 2 plywood sheets meet, there wont be coming loose. Just extra insurance. It would be too hard to cut in and slide the new plywood under this double layer of plywood that makes up the deck forward here of the teak, so a compromise was struck. The span between the ply supports is only 6 inches. Drilled 3 holes in new sheet, put glue in screw holes and whacked plywood home. It was easy to align simply hit plywood against screws marked the wood where holes were drilled.

It might help, can't hurt!
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