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RE: Bottom Paint

I'm on my second season with Interlux Micron CSC, color is blue.* It's a self-polish (ablative style) paint and has low copper content.*
I'm not entirely thrilled with its performance. Within a couple of months it was already accumulating slime and grass.* For the first year it would clear off about 95% of it after an hour of running at 8 to 9 knots.* This summer it grows a foot of grass and slime within two - three weeks at the dock and it will clear off all the long stuff after an hour of running, but not the slime and short grass.* It seems to adequately control barnacles and muscles, but it is fertilizer for grass and slime. *It's mainly an appearance issue, but who wants two feet of grass hanging down from your hull. *My neighbor boat had the same paint, color was black, *put on in June this year with the same results.
So if you use this paint, plan on making at least a one hour run every week or be the talk of the marina *
I believe I will be going back to a copper base paint, if the EPA lets me, next haul out.
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