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Originally Posted by Vashon_Trawler View Post
Good day, everyone! I happy to report that power has FINALLY been restored at my home (almost 10 days) and Sherpa is unscathed. My brother visited Loggerhead a few days ago and sent me pictures--not a mark! Even her welcome mat remained in the same spot. I assumed, at best, I would get away with a broken VHF antenna but all okay.

My home city of Sebring is in Highlands County, Florida. We were the second hardest hit county in the state. The clean-up has been immense. There was tons of yard debris at my home but fortunately no damage outside eight shingles. Others did not do so well.

Well, I am going to enjoy my first hot shower in 10 days and consider myself fortunate.

I was extremely impressed with Loggerhead who sent me regular communication regarding the marina.
Wifey B: Hope you apologized to Sherpa for burying her prematurely. Sherpa quoting Mark Twain, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Glad your boat is ok and you're back in your home. Amazing how many boats in some of the worst places survived with little to no damage. In many cases better than the houses and the ones in water better than the ones on land. Maybe we should build more fiberglass houses.
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