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I have a reasonable amount of faith in PT lumber and plywood. The three problems are: when you buy it, it's sopping wet, 2, they only pressure treat junky young yellow pine (unless you pay dearly for your specified lumber to be 'specially pressure treated), and 3, the chemicals used for all lumber except for some posts (4x4, 4x6, and maybe 6x6) are 'not suitable for ground contact' (means that the new chemicals are less poisonous than the good old Copper Arsenate).

Pick your lumber carefully; you can be successful even at the Home Despot. Buy early and let it dry just like green lumber; one year per inch of thickness. When dry, it glues perfectly adequately with Titebond II and epoxy resin. Polyester resin really does not bond well with wood, despite its' ubiquity in our TTs. Fasten as well as glue, bearing in mind that some PT-ing chemicals are tough on fasteners (use galvanized, coated 'Deck Screws', or stainless steel).
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