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I am fixing an error that EggHarbor made almost 50 years ago.
The mahogany plywood support piece that holds up the rear deck, a worker cut it at a 10* angle when should have been 5* angle.
Then they screwed the plywood on top this and it pulled this support piece away from the aft cabin door area creating a large ugly gap.

I was finally able to see what they did when I took this apart. I ran a 4 " long 5/16 SS lag bolt to pull it into the proper position. And I fixed the rotted edge of the cabin here.

Took 3 pieces glued and screwed on. First piece is mahogany, second is white oak, third will be white oak. This is covered by another piece of mahogany on the inside so the oak wont be seen. So now the edge should be more durable.

And , the support piece was screwed on too low. It will need to glue on a shim to raise it and compensate 5* for the bad cut angle.

This oak had sat outside for years doing nothing exposed to the weather and it is still solid super stiff and stronger than mahogany. Just needed a little clean up recutting on the tablesaw to get it to fit.

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