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Originally Posted by WesK View Post
If they are attached to the boat. they are "fenders". Attach them to the dock and they become "bumpers".

The downside of dock bumpers as opposed to fenders attached to the boat is, as the boat moves in the slip, the fenders roll with the boat, protecting the gelcoat.

Attach the same fenders to the dock (they are now "bumpers") and when the boat moves in the slip, the gelcoat rubs on the bumpers.

So, consider conditions in your slip. If there's no current or water movement, bumpers may work for you. If there is constant reversing current or water movement, hanging fenders from the boat protects the gelcoat.

Good points.... one of the issues some of us have (and perhaps the OP), is that the dock is fixed and the tide moves enough so fender don't work well, unless you get those real long ones. Is there some sort of bumper that works better for less gel coat rubbing? I've seen those wheels, but sure don't seem strong enough, unless there were several of them.

Perhaps the OP could benefit from your answer. Thoughts?
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