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As above certainly looks like good repair, how ever there are some possible issues when using Pressure treated wood as

1) The manufacturing process can only drive the chemicals products so deep. You can clearly see this when you look at an end-cut and why all manufacturers specify that you treat end-cuts with preservative.and the base timber used for the PT is usually a lower grade timber in the first place,
2) Depending on the chemicals used in the treatment it is possible to play havoc with the fasteners hence why 316 SS is the preferred chose or min 304 SS
3)Moisture levels need to be 12% or less to achieve full strength with an epoxy bond, and many PT treated woods are way higher than this.Even air drying for a year many will not achieve this figure.

Saying all that, we all have budget constraints and want to get out on the water and so do our best within our resources. I'm not against a quick, and cheaper boat repair but they must be held to a different standard than those built with longevity in mind.

Cheers Steve
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