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Originally Posted by sdowney717 View Post
I have an album setup.
This is a job I wanted to do couple years ago. I did the starboard side 2 years ago, and it has been good.
I am using PT lumber, has very few knots.
I have done extensive rebuilding on this boat, and anywhere structural I used PT SYP wood, carefully selected.

Another good product is PL Premium Polyurethane CA.
Sometimes I mix it with sawdust as a filler.

This structure is incredibly strong when in good condition. It is a solid 6 inches thick in width, and has a curve. Then 3/4 plywood lays down into the groove formed by the support piece not shown here. And teak boards attach to the top.
Looks plenty strong
Be aware many products such as 5200 or others do not playing well with PT wood
While your repair may not rot, it will not retaine a seal with any caulk that you use.
It may take a few years but the caulk/sealnt will fail notching will stick To PT wood!
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