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Sorry, I slipped back into geekspeak...

wired cameras of old are NTSC analog cameras and that's what your display is looking for, I think...

Now you say CE works with Axis cameras, those are IP cameras (they talk over the internet). But then you say they talk to video servers... They are probably hooking the video inputs on the display to the server outputs using a coax BNC connector cable.

IP cameras are different and talk in packets (that's how youtube does it too). The other end has to catch all the packets and put it back into video.

Unless your display can talk to an IP camera, then it won't likely talk to your IP cameras. I recall somewhere seeing an IP to analog camera converter box but that's a waste.

Like I said initially, it would be simpler to dedicate a cheap tablet to be your cameras display, put 4 in a quad layout. An amazon Kindle Fire Hd tablet is under $100 and works over ethernet / wifi. Hook it to your on-boat wifi router and set up the camera IP addresses or names. There are lots of IP camera apps for android / kindle fire to choose from. It won't need internet per se, just Wifi from the tablet to the router and the cameras talk to the router via WiFi too. As long as they all talk, it's rolling.
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