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DHeck..... it might help to remember that different people have different learning processes and comfort zones. Some people need the theory and lecture before grabbing the helm...and some want to grab the helm and learn as they go. Either she has to adapt to your teaching style....or you have to adapt to her learning style, and since you have more to gain......
Sometime when you are in the middle of no where, straighten the rudder, iddle both engines down, and have her take over. Maybe get her to see if she can get it between two lobster pot buoys or something with a very high chance of success.... an alternate approach....get someone else to teach her. It doesn't seem logical, but a total stranger may have better luck because there's a very different dynamic. Any mistakes she makes will be left at the lesson, and not brought home. I've had other scuba instructors ask me to teach their family members and it works out great. Not because I'm a better instructor, but just because all I am to them is an carry over to other relationship issues to worry about.
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