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Yeah, you're gonna get it, a lot of us are going to get it. I did all I can do with line geometry to absorb surge, but now my canal is getting surge from Sarasota Bay first and later over the berm from the Gulf. I dunno, my guess is the wind and double surge is just too much. 1st floor of residence probably too. I actually removed the sand bags from the garage door before I left, knowing all they would do is hold water in. I'm so physically and emotionally exhausted from these last two days of prep (probably for nothing) that I welcome the growing numbness as the storm approaches. I literally had to heave the cats into their carriers and am staying in a friends home (abandoned) about five miles inland. If the center hits here, well... Best of luck to our ofher TF members on the Gulf Coast. Just think of all the bragging rights you're going to have when you can tell 'em you lost her (or maybe even saved her) in Irma. Do you think that after Harvey and Irma, we'll actually know what's important?

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