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Originally Posted by KEVMAR View Post
what type of batteries are you using ?? I have a 36 ft albin which currently has 6 house batteries flood type. and one starter flood. They were put in in 2013. I think its time for replacement and asking what type/manufacture most folks are using . mine are group 24 ... thank you
Personally, I am using group 31 AGM batteries. Four for the house and one for starting. I chose AGMs because it is very difficult to maintain flooded cell batteries in my boat because of the placement.

It doesn't really matter what others are using, use what's best in your situation. You can test your batteries as some have suggested but if yours were installed in 2013, they are nearing the end of their expected life. You can keep what you have until they fail or replace them now. If you're just boating around home, failure shouldn't be a big deal. If you are heading out on a long cruise away from home where failure could be a problem, you might want to consider replacing them before you leave.

With the service life you have experienced, I wouldn't change things except to go to group 31s if you have the room.
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