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Originally Posted by KEVMAR View Post
what type of batteries are you using ?? I have a 36 ft albin which currently has 6 house batteries flood type. and one starter flood. They were put in in 2013. I think its time for replacement and asking what type/manufacture most folks are using . mine are group 24 ... thank you

Is it easy for you to access and service your flooded batteries?

Are all seven of your batteries 12V G24s?

What is minimum CCA/MCA required by your engine? And what is CCA/MCA rating for your current starter battery?

How many Ah total in the house bank?

Do you want more house capacity?

How much capacity do you need?

What is your charging capability?

How much will budget impact your buying decisions?

It may be easy enough to upgrade your overall capacity, but as others have said, a systems approach would be best. That doesn't necessarily you mean you have to do everything in one fell swoop; you could replace one bank when necessary, later maybe upgrade the charger if needed, eventually upgrade another bank, etc.

My first guess is that G24s aren't the best choice for a house bank, unless maybe that's all that will fit in your available space. That might lead to questions about what's better, but that'll also depend on space, form factor, etc. Could be several 12V G31s might be better, or maybe a 2-3 pairs of 6V golf cart batteries would be nifty. Need more info.

FWIW, 8Ds and 4Ds are heavy; they have their place, but they also come with that disadvantage.

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