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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: Is the Cleveland in your profile, the one in Ohio, the one referred to as "The Mistake on the Lake?" If so, that's harsh coming from there.

I've been to Cleveland. I was actually docked there on June 19, 2016, which was a very tragic day for me. Can't believe the Cavaliers beat my boys.

We stayed a couple of extra days but the place went wild and parades and celebrating and all that stuff. It was nice to see for the city though, a lot of very happy people and no riots or anything like some places have had. My fave things there. 1-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 2-Great Lakes Science Museum. 3-Cleveland Museum of Art. 4-Some car and plane museum but I'm too lazy to look it's name up right now. 5-The Money Museum. I like money but they wouldn't give you any there. Fed Reserve. Sort of cool.

I wouldn't go into the interior of Mexico and wouldn't want to go by car. I'd still go to the coastal areas, just even more careful, but I understand you saying you wouldn't. Can't get much more dangerous and remain on my list to go though.
Wifey B:

Mexico is a beautiful country and I have been there many times over the years. One of my relatives lived in Mexico for over 30 years. His mother was Mexican, God rest her soul.

My cousin left Mexico 2 years ago due to all the crime and corruption. He owned business in Acapulco then in Cancun after Acapulco was over ran with the corruption and crime. He saw the hand writing on the wall in Cancun, which is starting to follow suit as Acapulco.

I also have a really good family friend that is from Mexico and she will not go back for the same reason. When she wants to see her family she flies them here to the states. She does not feel safe in her own county and worries daily about her family.

It is truly a shame that Mexico cannot clean up their country for its people. As I said, it is truly a beautiful county and so are the people that just want to get by in life.

As far as the Mistake on the Lake. (Cleveland) It soon will be on my travel band list as well.

My wife is from here not me! Sure Cleveland can be a good place to visit. However living here is not so great due to the city and county governments. That is why we have lost over about a million people over the last ten years.

Sorry to hear about your boys being beat. The Cavs got lucky!


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