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Monitor solutions?

I have an older, Big Bay daylight viewable monitor that was installed on the flying bridge of my Compass 55 (manufactured by Grand Harbour) around 2008. The monitor provides access to the Nobeltec Time Zero nav software I installed recently. I also have an LED monitor in the pilot house. Naturally, I had to purchase a new Dell desktop computer with a specific spec. video card and lots of ram to run the newly upgraded software. All is well until the VGA cable or connector failed preventing any signal from computer to monitor.

Replace the cable, you say? Ok but the cable appears to have been installed by magic because I cannot see how the cable from the monitor on the flybridge got to the computer's location under the pilot house dashboard without destroying some interior parts.

I like the TimeZero program and Nobeltec and now that I invested a lot in the new computer and software I'm loathe to give up the flybridge monitor attached to this system (primitive as it may see, today.). But it seems there ought to be an easier way to get there from here than tearing apart the cabin to replace the VGA cable. Any suggestions?
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