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That's pretty clean for being worried about an oil leak!!

Do you run with the belt cover shroud off? The two bolts at the bottom go through and will blow oil if they're removed. Not much, but some. I don't see anything worrisome in those photos, to be honest.

My 6BT also shows oil around the water pump, it's coming from elsewhere, the alternator fan makes it airborne and accumulate in odd places. I would NOT go to the trouble to remove the pump, you'll have to drop the coolant and you still won't learn anything.

Clean everything down well, then look again after running a couple hours. Check for front main seal around the timing cover. That's a common leak point, it can sling from the pulley. The fix is pretty straightforward, remove the balance pulley, pull the timing cover, R&R the seal, replace the timing cover gasket & cover.

I hate oil leaks as well, but my 6BT has 6500 hrs, and has some minor leaks. The cure is far worse than the aggravation of the leak, and I know they're an annoyance and won't develop into anything more than that. So... I fix what can be fixed without tearing the motor down, and live with what remains. worth the renewal, search there for similar 6BT problems.
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