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Amazing you got it to run for all this time. I think it is number 6 - very well-known failure. Lots of information on that, number 6 fails and rubs on the cylinder wall, destroying the piston and the cylinder wall. I would pull that piston out, dollars to doughnuts its only number 6 and that's why it seized.

Did you call Industrial engines? They will sell you a long block and you get to buy it with Loonies.

You still don't know if its the engine or the transmission but its rare to be that. Better find that out first, the transmission will have to come off anyway although you can haul it out with it attached. Did it overheat or just stop? Yes, you can rebuild it in place but if you haul it up into the salon it will be much easier to manipulate. And, if you get it into the salon you can just slide it out the rear door and get it done in a real shop. Or replace it.
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