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Originally Posted by C lectric View Post
I have a Dickinson diesel STOVE in my 32' boat My wife and I think it's great. However, it only heats the salon. It came with the boat and I almost tossed it, untill I realized the cost and complications of replacement. It was unreliable untill I talked to Dickinson and now it's great, So I fixed it and for 30 yrs it has been great. We used to winter boat in freezing weather. It's not for everyone though as some compromises are needed.
We too have no generator so the battery capacity was a factor.

We have several friends that have smaller, bulk head mounted Dickinsons that use either Diesel or Propane and those units do a fine job of heating the salon in an up to about a 32' or so boat. They do use a small fan but the draw is quite small.

With most of the larger furnace type heaters battery capacity will need to be considered as the draw can be quite substantial for blowers, pumps , etc.

You show a Camano 30 so the bulkhead heaters, Dickinson or similar, maybe the Wallas, should be suitable. You just need to find a suitable mounting place. Most of these found a mounting near the cabin door.

Have you checked the Camano site to ask what others use and why.

We all recommend what we have but space, mounting, cost, battery capacity, boat size, weather, etc. need to be factored in. What's suitable for a large boat may not for you with an ~ 30' boat.
This IS the Camano sub forum! Unless you're talking about ECCO or CamanoPacific? Thanks for your reply regardless.

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