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Originally Posted by Benthic2 View Post
....and along comes D.B. Cooper.....

If you have a boat with only an upper helm, is there a way to heat the bridge enclosure with engine heat ? The only time you'd need it warm was while the engine(s) were running...and the engines are producing all that heat.....and you might not get it toasty warm....but if you could get the enclosure to ...say 50 degrees when it was 30 degrees out...that would make an upper helm only boat a lot more useable....thoughts ??
Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Yes it could be done.

I would use a good heat exchanger and small 12V solar system pumpto the buss heater or radiator so engine coolant isnt travelling so far (I have that set up with my bus heater).
Yes, that would work very nicely. Have a 12 volt pump to boost the flow rate (increase heater btu output) on my 100' heater loop. For a setup in the pilothouse, a transmission cooler would work well with the engine coolant flowing through the tubes. Locate the pump and reservoir in the pilothouse so that the pump isn't working against a head pressure for initial priming. Once the loop is completely filled, there is almost no head resistance and it will work with a very modest pump.

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