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Years ago, when we first got the current boat, it stank of diesel. Part of my efforts was to clean the wood shelving and drawers that the diesel stove sat on. Diesel had leaked and soaked the raw wood.

Washed it as best I could and then after a few weeks acetone wiped it thoroughly. I then varnished it heavily. The sealing helped. Couldn't get all of it of course but at least the smell had been reduced to a dull roar.

For many years untill my last fiasco there was no odour other than minor ones around filter changes. Wasn't just my nose but others coming aboard who were used to diesel smelling boats that noticed, no smell.

Of course the ULSD has a far weaker odour than the old stuff of many years ago.

Clean it thoroughly washing everything that you can. But time and ventilation is also your friend. Use a couple of fans if you can to force air interchange.
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