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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
As for the automation... I could lean toward KISS, however, I need to figure out what I'm going to replace my failed isolated with.

And there's a ton of good info on this thread, just need to digest, but leaning toward a combiner (or similar).

I don't understand how the solenoid protects the batteries, is there a diode built into these? And are they manual or automatic?
Simply put, a "battery combiner" or "automatic charging relay" ( Blue Sea ACR is one brand) senses a charging voltage from the engine's alternator or battery charger and connects both batteries together so they both receive charging current. This is what the "Both" position of a typical battery switch does. When the charging voltage goes away (engine stops or the charger is unplugged), the combiner disconnects the two batteries from each other. Hopefully, you have wired your house loads to one battery or bank and the starter to the other. Now, you can run your house loads with no danger of draining the starting battery and not being able to start your boat.
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