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The hum was first reported to me from a dock master when we requesting berth assignment. Other guys just said I was hard to hear. He described is as an AC hum. So, later I started tracking it down by shutting down systems and devices. When it got to the inverter/charger, it went away on the main radio and it's remote. The dock master stood on the dock and reported what he heard. We repeated this with the main, remote and back up set. I had my HH listening too. Just for kicks I transmitted on HH and he heard the hum also, but a lot fainter.
Happened to discuss this with a marine systems guy, and he mentioned that the Xantrex modified sine unit with its squared waves and harmoncs is well known for this. Xantrex now offers a pure sine unit that will be a drop in. I can keep the Link 2000 and network including the Pathmaker.
Expensive solution. For now through the rest of our cruise in BC inside passage, I will shut down the charger before I transmit.
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