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Wifey B: Fort Lauderdale has a fire boat. I remember reading about some of the lakes in Kentucky that had a lot of fires, mainly houseboats, the marinas bought a fire boat.

I first saw the lead of the article and thought, omg we were there and didn't know it was dangerous, but then saw the photos and it's more like I was glad that we'd been at such a safe marina.

I googled to see some info on the cost and see Dunedin has one, spent $234,000. They said they use it about once a week and not yet for a fire. However, they say by cutting their response time it's been worth it. Clearwater and Tarpon Springs and other places had them already.

Newport is about to vote on one. Their cost is $241,000 with them getting a federal grant (FEMA) for the rest of the $964,000 cost. Their current boat is 16 years old.

Here's a site to look up fireboats by city and state, provided by the Cape Cod Fire Department.

Fire Boats Main Page
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