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Isolator question.

The only issue that comes up is that in the absence of the isolator there is battery voltage at the positive terminal of the alternator. Can this be/cause a problem? ------------------------NO!. not unless something else is haywire. Absolutely normal in a system without isolators. The diodes inside the alternator stop the batteries from discharging when the alternator is not running unless that alternator is also haywire. DOes happen but not often unless someone has been playing with battery switches going through the OFF position with the engine operating.

Thank you...that's exactly what I wanted to hear and will get me thru the rest of the summer when I can figure out a more permanent solution.

Lou: I did just that...found the datasheet on the isolator and decided that it was miss-applied in my application.

FF: I'll have to look into that

Thank you all for the time and effort you all put into this. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because Vacu-Flush stopped working properly; the battery charger/inverter stopped working and I found that the batteries were not charging properly even with a long (8-10 hours). The head was easily fixed... just needed the know-how to replace the duckbill valves... and charging system on AC charger was replaced.

Ian Munro
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