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Isolator Question

"That is why you have isolators, but as you note they also have a significant voltage drop. A combiner or ACR will solve this problem. But you also say you have an automatic relay and transfer switch. What does this do? You could probably use this one ACR to handle all of your battery combination and isolation needs."

There is just one bank of batteries... no starter bank... and a totally separate generator battery. Theory being if house bank goes flat I can start the main engines with a charge from the generator. The automatic transfer switch is for transferring from shore to generator. The automatic relay is for selecting one of two shore power stations. On previous boat I had a rotary switch to go from shore power to generator and just one shore power point. I cannot afford to throw money at this boat by hiring $100. per hour electrician which is why I am trying to understand the systems myself.

My concern is if the pos. post on alternator is live is that going to cause a problem with drawing down the battery or other problem? Most combiners that I have investigated seem to address two or three battery banks.

It doesn't appear that the system is cobbled together, just more complex than I am used to.

Thanks for your response.

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