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I used to run a lot faster, when the boat was new and I was younger. Now days, 8 knots is fast enough for every day use. I would suspect you're closer to the 5 GPH at that speed.

You can actually cruise at 8 knots on one engine if you so choose. Running with friends who have slower TT's, I will run away from them with both engines running at 1400 rpms. Which is too slow to get the engines up to temperature. The velvet drive transmission are perfectly happy free wheeling and the boat is much much quieter with only one engine running. I swap engines every two hours on long runs.

But having the extra speed is nice too, if the weather blows up, passing through high current area (Deception pass, Cattle pass, Dodd Narrows, etc.) or you just want to get in before dark, that option is there for you.
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