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Why I read boating blogs
  1. Entertainment. I enjoy stories and pictures of boats and boating.
  2. Dreaming. I enjoy reading about places that I plan to boat to, or that I'd love to do but probably never will.
  3. Education. I'll sometimes find a blog by googling a project or problem

Why I write a blog
  1. Captain's Log. Basically this, fundamentally.
  2. Convenience. I can type faster than I can write and in our boating we almost always have some device with a keyboard available.
  3. Sharing. To let friends and family share in our adventures. If someone else cares, great.
  4. Posterity. I probably read more of my old posts than anyone.

Now, recently I've been remiss in keeping my blog current, but we also haven't done as much boating as we'd like.

And if you'd permit me, I'll share my blog here and feel free to give feedback on what works, and what doesn't. Seriously, I'm interested.
m/v C:\[ESC]
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