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42 LRC with Perkins 185's ?

Good day gentle persons, I'm new to the forum and we are just looking at getting back in to boats. I'm semi-retired, just doing some part time consulting for another year and we have been looking for an older diesel boat in decent condition. Our plans are just short overnight/weekend trips for the next year and then more extensive cruising around the gulf, then either up the east coast, or Bahamas and near Caribbean.

One of the boats we've just seen is a 1977 42 LRC with the 185 hp Perkins. We're go slow kind of folks so I would anticipate cruising around at 6 1/2 - 7 kt's or so most of the time, can anyone with experience at those kind of speeds chime in with fuel burn numbers they have experienced. The boat gets used on a regular basis and seems to be reasonably solid, the out side trim will all need to be redone, door slide's and those kinds of things but I couldn't find any signs of major leaks in the interior except near the port side door.

We have to decide this weekend on an offer, then if it's accepted we're planning a mechanical survey first, then a full marine survey and sea trial if it passes the mechanical ok. This was my first time looking at a Californian, and my first thoughts on board were, wow, this is a substantial boat for just 42'. I've also been reading the tide ride stairs thread, I can see where that would be very useful on this boat.

Thanks for any assistance or thoughts in general on the boat.
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