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C lectric...thanks for that. I guess the 'stub thread shaft' goes through the nut, jamb nut and dome nut and then on into the tapped hole in the shaft centre...have I got that right? If so, I suppose a hole could go through that 'stub thread shaft' right after the last nut, to take a cotter pin...if one wanted to be belts-&-braces?

For me, I wonder if it would be easier for a yard to shallow-drill and tap a thread into the end of each shaft to take a 'stub thread shaft' vs drilling right through the shaft to take a cotter pin, with the prop shafts remaining in the boat? (Obviously all is easier to do if the shafts were out and at a shop...but I really don't want to pull shafts out of the boat if I can avoid it.)

But you have given me another idea. Why not just drill the centre of the dome nut as you have done and tap THAT hole (easy to do on the bench); screw in a threaded rod to where it butts up against the shaft end but without drilling into the shaft end; two locking nuts outside the dome nut as you have; and a cotter pin behind the aft nut to secure all? That would be easy to do....and I think would achieve a positive lock of the dome nut?
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