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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
The word I received a few moments ago is that the included Navionics chip has had some flaws in its operation and so they are sending me a C-Map chip to try. I send them the old one back. If this solves the problem, all is well. I have had Cs before (Jeppeson) and like all their stuff and a history of flying with Jepp plates, I trust them.

So far these guys get an "A" for their customer service, both the dealer (Mackay) and Si-tex.

For the record, I have a Koden radar which is as old as the hills, takes 3 minutes to boot up but works like a charm. Also a Si-tex product.
Glad they're providing great service. Still would have been nice had they warned you rather than waiting until you have an issue with it. What if you'd been a novice and blindly trusted?
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