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Two lessons:

1. Redundancy

2. When you purchase from a retailer, you're not necessarily getting current. They could have easily shipped this to a distributor or dealer before the upgrade to the software and before discovering the problem. Packaging or something in it might have given a clue to the date with code or something. In purchasing any electronics at retail, the first thing needing to be done is often a software upgrade. Should the dealer have done that? Probably. You buy the latest greatest computer today, just shipped to the retailer, and you can be certain there are upgrades for much of the software on it. Cable company brings in a new DVR, in the new box, hooks it up and first thing it needs is a software upgrade. If a phone has been sitting in the store a month, it might well need an upgrade. A dealer or installer should have been aware, but it's difficult to keep up with them all.
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