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Originally Posted by Sealife View Post
A friend on a '77 mainship 34' filled the chine with foam and glassed over it for the 8' long section or so that creates the slap. He said performance of the boat was unaffected since the boat never goes over displacement speeds anyway. I got used to it on my old boat, current boat has no hard chine, so no noise.
Scott, you beat me to it. I was also going to suggest the filling and glassing at the chine line. If you will look carefully at the bow section of a hard chine boat, most are slightly turned down to keep the spray down. That hollow section is what causes most of the noise. There is a trade off here. Filling the chine will make for a much wetter ride.

The Mainship Pilot series is much more like a lobster hull with no hard chine at the bow. I had a Pilot 34. You can still get slapping against the hull. They do, however, have a very wet ride. To knock down most of the spray I installed two 13' sections of the Smart Rail System on the waterline. One on the starboard, one port. They didn't increase the noise very much.

My Blackfin had a very wet ride, so I installed two Spray rails at the bow. Worked like a charm. Some may have noticed in my video of running the Blackfin there was zero spray coming aboard.
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