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We tried the wet rag on the sanitation lines test and didn't pick up any smell.

Did you check every section of hose using a clean rag for every section of hose that you've wet in HOT water, ring it out and wrap it around the lines till the rags cool, then smell every one? If you didn't, you need to retest...'cuz the odor you describe sure fits the description of permeated single wall flex PVC. Markings on the hose will tell you what they are.

Permeated hoses that have been replaced can leave residual odors in the enclosed areas through which they pass. PureAyre is the only thing I've found that can eliminate it.

Odors are always strongest at their source, so when you first come aboard BEFORE airing out the boat, start opening hatches and lockers and sticking your nose into 'em.

PureAyre for cushions and carpets: just spraying the surface won't work. Cushions: remove the covers and have them cleaned. Spray enough PureAye into the foam from both sides to penetrate to the middle, then put them out in the sun to dry. Carpet: Again, just spritzing the carpet won't accomplish anything...spray enough to penetrate to the backing or all the way through any pad. Turn on a fan for 24 hours.

If we eliminate all the obvious sources, the only thing left is trapped water somewhere under the sole or a "false bilge." Finding it may require drilling some holes if there are places that have no hatch access...but you'll never get rid of the odor till you do find it and eliminate it.

As for your fresh water system, the plumbing is often the real source of foul water...recommissioning the system according to directions I've posted here several times (they're also in my book, btw) is what's needed if you want to keep the water "good" longer than a few weeks. It should be done every year as part of spring recommissioning.
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