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Originally Posted by kermynator View Post
I'm interested in making an offer on a vessel in Canada. I've found much useful advice on this site, but one thing has left me flummoxed.

The asking price of the boat is CAN$49,900.

The day I found the boat, that price was US$38,500.
The day I looked at the boat, that price was US$38,750.
Today the price equates to nearly US$40,000.

Those of you who have purchased boats from Canada or abroad, how have you set an offer price in light of fluctuating (and now weakening!) US Dollar?
It is really easy.

Base on the prices you posted simply take the lowest one $38,500 and bid down from there. If they give you any guff about the dollar is weak, tell them that is now. Next week your vessel could be listing for 30k. US.

Also if you look at it, it is only a different of $1,500 dollars and do not forget, that is only asking price. They know they will not get that price.

Best of luck


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