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Eric...great to have your experienced eye on this. Yes, the shafts are standard SAE with 1:16 taper/ 2 1/4" od. We did talk about reverting to standard prop nuts (castellated or otherwise) but we'd then have to drill right through the shafts for the cotter pins. Only one shaft was pulled so that would involve pulling the second shaft (which has no issues) and the engineers at the yard said they'd have to send them off to a specialist shop as the shafts are too hard for their a lot of time/delay/cost.

I was surprised to learn the big dome nuts were fastened directly into the aft face of the original props (have you seen this done before?)...but it clearly worked for some 3500 hours of operation. I'm not sure doing much the same thing, but sideways and into a dimple on the shaft, is any less secure? The domed nuts are really substantial...the set-screw needn't be small.

I am not familiar with all the options for prop nuts; is there a set-up I could use that doesn't require drilling thru the shafts to take cotter pins?
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