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OK, with shaft and SB sorted...almost....we struck an unexpected issue with the new props. As noted in earlier posts, the new props sit higher up the taper than the originals so the prop shop made up ~15mm thick bronze spacers, to go between the prop hubs and the locking nut. Photo 1 below shows one of the new props and these spacers.

But when the yard manager went to mount the Stb prop, he realized that the spacers wouldn't work with the original prop nut. The 2nd photo shows one of the old props with the prop nut sitting on top of it. This is a large domed nut and is the only nut used on the shaft: no smaller locking nut, no split pin to retain the nut. Instead, you can see a hole drilled through the dome nut flange, a set/grub screw goes through this hole & seats in a tapped hole in the original prop. We hadn't sent this somewhat unusual domed nut to the prop shop with the old prop and the yard manager and I hadn't been around to see this set-up when the original props were removed. Of course there is no hole thru the spacers and no tapped hole in the new props.

After a hurried phone consult with the prop shop, we have decided to drill a hole through the SIDE of the domed nut; fully torque it up against the new prop; and then drill a dimple into the shaft's threaded section. We'll then use a set/grub screw through the domed nut onto the shaft.

All this plus the work to finish up and re-install the SB will take another yard day....and I cannot hang around due to another commitment, so I'll have to leave it to the guys (they will likely be glad to see the back of me after all my hovering and photo-snapping!). I'll report back after I get back to the boat in a few days and make the 4 hour trip from the yard on Pittwater back to Aquabelle's home marina on Sydney Harbour.
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