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RE: 1987 Labelle Trawler


I've been looking at a few La Le Belles and here is some info I was able to dig up.

The La Belle was built for the Marine Trader folks by the Bestway Marine yards, which, from what I can gather, was one of the better Taiwan builders.

The LaBelle*was/is a hand laid fiberglass boat constructed of polyester resin, E-glass fiberglass cloth, mat & chopped-strand fibers with coring materials of plywood and hardwoods. The hull has a solid fiberglass bottom and hull sides. The longitudinal stringers are fiberglass encapsulated wood and the transverse bulkheads are plywood which are glassed to the hull. The deck house is also a molded fiberglass laminate with plywood used to reinforce high stress areas such as the decks.

The fuel tanks were made of black iron, which were prone to rust. Some of the later models had their tanks encapsulated in fiberglass.

Water seepage around the windows was an occasional problem also.

The only Volvo engine that I am familiar with that was put in these boats was the TADM40B, at 165hp. They were/are considered a pretty reliable engine if maintained properly, but as mentioned before, parts can be pricey.*

Good luck,***** KJ

ps** not to be confused with the La Belle class Superyachts that operate out of Monaco.


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