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RE: Especially for you single screw guys

Peter B wrote:What's with this obsession with stern-in mooring anyway.* Why make an easy manoeuvre difficult when it need not be?

*I wonder if the fellow in the video was trying to back in or if that's just where he ended up?* He went on quite aways down the fairway before coming back.** I seem to recall hearing people on the docks saying, "Just put him in here" or words to that effect.

Depending on where your slip is and the direction of the*prevailing weather it can sometimes be beneficial to back the boat in.* Our boat does better with its back to the wind as the flying bridge cover--- the oldest and most expensive to replace piece of canvas on the boat--- does better being pushed down by the wind than flapping up and down in the wind passing over it from the front.* As it is, our slip puts the boat's back to the wind when it's bow in. But after they redo the dock if we end up with a slip on the other side we might start to back in so we can keep the same orientation to the wind.

But I*think it's generally*a lot easier to go in bow first.* Backing out of a slip is (usually) dead simple so I agree with Eric, why make life more complicated?
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