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Larger Inverter loads while travelling.

Originally Posted by Panacea123 View Post
Tach should not shut down, your alternator even at 100% charge should not "shut down" but go into "float" or whatever the voltage regulator is set for,

Alt regulator maybe set for "example" 14.2v once 100% state of charge maybe only putting out 5-10 amps but keeping at 14.2v. If your tach is shutting down that's a separate issue.

Agree with not shutting off solar, mine is on 24/7 except while at dock when at full charge and on board charger is on. No need to go into absorption mode on solar uses more water then needed.

Wouldn't that be a setting on the Balmar regulator? Not sure what you mean by "it's a separate issue" because as soon as I turn off the panels, the tach starts right back up again.

I identified the amps on the microwave and vacuum loads by checking the Magnum remote display while on Inverter and no charging.

I agree about the demands on the alternator at 60% SOC, but as I have mentioned, I don't let the bank get down that low. This morning the house bank deficit was -67 amp hours (94% SOC) when I got up, dropping to -79 (93% SOC) with overcast and drizzle. Currently it's at -75, 11:30 am at high latitude, cloudy-bright with 7-10 amps going into the bank, unless the,fridge and freezer come on. If the bank gets below 80% SOC, the genny goes on for an hour or so.

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