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Couple things bout the coming proliferation [i.e., new age Batt-Craze] regarding transportation vehicle and building-power "Batteries":

1. Transfer power loss from new-power generation mode to the actual added-charge accomplished inside batteries generally runs from 10 to 20+ percent power loss. That equals a bit of a cost problem regarding solar, wave, wind and other eco-clean power generator sources... while creating sizable increased %age pollution conditions when batt-charging power originates from generator systems using fossil fuels.

2. Once the billion-plus vehicles throughout the many levels of transportation systems [cars, motorcycles, bicycles, small trucks, boats etc] and, in addition, billion-plus buildings actually begin to become a substantial %age of them all being battery powered [rather than clean-energy or fossil fuel powered] - The elements/bulk of battery waste created as/while aged batteries fail will develop enormous pollution conditions of its own volition. Recycling procedures will hopefully be able to handle the mass of waste materials that will be continuously created.

In effect... for enabling the necessary requirement for having continued energy availability... the world will be trading portions of some pollution creating circumstances for a whole new group of pollution creating sources, conditions and circumstances. Which means, we may be getting into ever deeper and more problematic pollution conditions/circumstances.

Partial solution to this problem of producing/storing/using energy by either ongoing or differently accomplished yet potentially increased pollution sources/methods: Full-Cycle <atmospherically accomplished> "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon energy sources of fungible, drop-in diesel, gasoline and jet fuels. This truly clean-energy, eco-stable fuel opportunity can be and is about to be brought to fruition. Please... Keep your eyes open!
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