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Originally Posted by WesK View Post

Yea, that's easy to overlook for some folks. An electric car is useless for long trips so if you buy one, you'll need to either buy or rent a conventionally powered car for trips.

Electric cars have an advantage over boats - They can generate electricity from braking and going downhill. Boats seldom do that.

I have wondered though; Do electric cars have air conditioning? If so, how much does using it reduce the range of the car?

Going back to the original post and the assumption that we will be driving lithium battery powered cars and boats, perhaps we will someday but many of us have learned not to be the first to buy into some new technology. The leading edge is also the bleeding edge.

When I see the mainstream boat manufacturers using lithium batteries, I'll consider them.
I have had a Nissan Leaf - a relatively affordable electric car - for almost 4 years. Great urban car that has never been more than 100 miles from home. I'd call it a secondary car, but that's not quite right - it's our primary car for local use. Yes has A/C, and in hot weather usage reduces range by typically 10%. Bigger challenge is winter, where range is reduced by up to 50% in cold (< -20 C).

One mitigation is to preheat or precool the car while plugged in - which can be preprogrammed or done on demand through a smart phone app. An unexpected benefit for us is that my partner who hates cold has taken to preheating the car all the time, even if not plugged in. She loves that, and with a short commute has the power available to do it without concern for range.

And to an earlier comment, recharging is less onerous than visiting gas stations. Plugging it in at the end of the day at home has become automatic. Keeping the car charged has proven to be no more difficult than keeping a phone charged.
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