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RE: Power Line Alternator

While I have not had any direct experience with Power Line alternators I have had a lot with Leese Neville and Chrysler high output ones. The house system on Penta uses an alternator type that was fitted to Ford ambulance chassis and is rated at 200 Amps but it too has an internal regulator in its stock form (and for a number of years I used the same sort of item from Chrysler).
I have removed the L/N regulator and now use a Balmar 3 stage unit with great results. The conversion to the external regulator was easy to do and I am certain any respectable auto electric shop could make the mods for you at a reasonable cost.
This modification to an external regulator gives you a wide variety of "automotive" alternators to choose from without having to spend large $'s on a "marine" unit since there seems to be an ever increasing demand in commercial / emergency vehicles for high power 12 volts. There is another great advantage to using an automotive alternator in that parts are far easier to obtain within the auto industry than trying to fine a "marine" shop with parts etc.
Just one more way of attacking the problem!
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