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Originally Posted by FlyWright View Post
Yes, mine were replaced with aluminum tanks by the PO. He did the work himself by cutting the salon floor between the aft edge of the ER hatch and the aft door sill. The tanks slid right out, he tells me. It's just that they're steel, so they're heavy as can be. He muscled it but cutting is always an option.

I'm a huge 34 LRC fan but also like the 30 and 37/38 LRC sedans. The 34 LRC achilles heel is the shaft logs sling water on the tank walls. This promotes corrosion. Dripless shaft logs solve this issue.

They are very stout vessels with great bones and more seaworthy than I'm willing to test. IMO, the interior workmanship on the earlier models like my 1977 was not up to par with GB's or CHBs, but they're functional and solid mahogany. Later years improved upon that, but used more laminates.

Mine has the 85 Perkins twins so slow is my only option. The Perkins 6.354 and Cat and Detroit 200-250 hp twins can get up and go. I've been 23K on chc's 34 LRC with Detroit 250s. It's a hoot!
Thanks for the quick reply! I found a Cali 34 with a third tank between the two replaced/original tanks and cannot see how they were able to install it. I would like to take it out to put a generator back in but cannot estimate the cost since I cannot figure out how they did it.
Another question, Does yours have a bladder type holding tank? I want to replace it with a PVC tank but not sure of the options.
I appreciate your guidance.
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