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Thanks again Al Boater...& I realize I mis-typed. The shop said the fwd point on the shaft would obviously remain the same as the hub's opening would remain at 2.25". But re-tapering the bore from 12 to 16 would shorten/narrow the hub (it is 5.75" now). However, I see what you all depends what my current props' hub thickness is...and since the boat is in the water I have no idea. Aquabelle is about to haul out for antifoul and I'm having the port shaft pulled to get a really good go at cleaning out a problematic traditional stuffing box (packing space larger on one side than the other, so some shaft misalignment I think. I'll replace the cutlass bearing at same time). I'll get the shaft checked for straightness and if as I suspect, there's corrosion at the stuffing box connection point, I'll get the shaft spray-welded/polished in that spot too. Anyway, while all that is going on I'll have the yard check that the shaft really is standard SAE 1:16 and they can measure the current props' hub thickness too. I won't rush to throw out my old manganese-bronze props just yet...but I might not send them off for reconditioning either, if all the measuring suggests the new ones might be a go with a re-bore. Around US$380 per prop here for changing taper to 16 plus costs of getting props to/from the shop. US$975 + transport for reconditioning of both existing props, so I'll keep that in my pocket for now.

Appreciate your input. Will update post & add a photo when hauled out in a couple weeks
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