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"due to overload (although black would be expected);"

Just watch almost every sport fish as they power up in the plane.

Almost all will blow dark smoke from an "overload" for the time till they get on top of the water.

No big deal, if its just to get on top, but it is a big deal if constant at cruise.

"Engine is not using oil at displacement speeds, neither at planing with two people, but it did use some oil after the ride at planning with 8 people on board (again, not alarming, but it did)."

Every engine in the world uses oil bar none.Every power stroke oil left on the cylinder walls gets burned.

The usual reason folks do not think their engine uses oil is blowby will condense in the oil pan so the oil quantity looks OK on the dipstick reading.

That's why engine mfg require oil changes after certain intervals.

Sounds normal to have oil "consumption" higher at heavy loads , as there is frequently less blowby at higher loads from the rings sealing better , and higher oil temperature that may remove some of the condensate.
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