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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: Impressed with how you handle stress. It's like, I can't do anything about it so I'll just relax. Thank goodness for tow boats.

Yes, thank goodness for them. I am sure that if I had called a Pan Pan, one of the many boaters that were going up and down the sound would have given me a tow away from the rocks. I also was prepared to start up the engine to move us if needed.

I did noticed that a lot of boaters seemed curious about us so they would make a close pass. Of course, they wouldn't slow down at all so all I could see were these huge wakes coming when my stern was already sitting very close to the bottom. I swear that some boaters just can't seem to remember that their throttle can actually be adjusted, even if they aren't within a line toss of a dock.

I think the Tow Boat driver was ex USCG. Youngish guy, but he mentioned to my wife as were trying to get through a gaggle of paddle boarders (who thought that the center of the main harbor channel was a good place to hang out in the sun) that in his prior job he would be writing citations for not having a PFD on board.

Didn't strike me as a former LEO so my guess was USGC.

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