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Originally Posted by Lunasea View Post
the fact that you can maintain your composure, post a topic here and eat a sandwich is a testament to your experience. I used to live in Gig harbor and know what kind of currents you have in the Narrows.
I would be pumping out my sanitary tank and the wife would be testing out the flare gun.

Well, you know where we are. There is a large ebb right now, about 5 knots. The is a back eddy South of the harbor between the Gig Harbor entrance and Pt Evans. We are caught in that back eddy. Normally it would simply spit us into the main channel at Pt only concern is that a North wind has kicked up and is pushing us towards the shallower water at Pt Evans.

Other than that, drifting around going where the current takes me is something I am used to from sailing these water in smallish sailboats with flaky outboards.

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