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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
If you have a smart charger that directs more current to the bank that needs more charging and the ACRs combine the banks into one bank, the needy bank will not get the larger charge current. The charge will be spread evenly throughout the banks and the needy bank may not get fully charged. Simple fix is to open the ground on the ACRs. And the banks will separate. Blue Sea has their brand chargers that can be connected to the ACRs and will do the switching off of the ACRs automatically. Problem is that they don't make a charger larger than 40 amps last time I checked.
Thanks. One reason I like either the Duo Charge or Echo Charge. They don't combine the banks at all but send a small amount of the charge current to the start battery. The house bank gets the bulk of the charging current and the charger never "sees" the starting battery.

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