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Shipwright Sauzed used this on a working boat. A fishing boat to be exact, one that he did the same repair to the starboard side two years prior to the YouTube take listed above.

I have known a few guys that make their living by fishing and I find that like any self employed working man that they (most of them anyway) know the value of a dollar, or as one told me " don't say dollar....say work credit". He went on to explain that every time he contemplates divesting of some of his "work credits" it goes through his mind just how hard he works to accumulate it in the first place and it causes him to scrutinize just a little closer the true cost of outlays to his business.

The Owner of the workboat in question is apparently satisfied with the pervious repairs to the point of doing the same thing to the port side.

A rib with a little flex
won't draw water
won't conduct electricity
won't grow mildew
won't rot
What's not to like?

Let's all check back in here in a hundred years and see what's going on.

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